Syrup + Bacon + Beer = Not That Bad

Part of a complete breakfast (via brewpublic)

Part of a complete breakfast (via beerpublic)

For my first review I probably should have started with a simple, easily accessible beer. But what’s the fun in that? Taking punishment for other people’s entertainment is kind of a specialty of mine. 

Keeping that in mind, I decided to go with Rogue’s “Voodoo Maple Bacon Ale.” A collaboration between Rogue Brewery and Voodoo Doughnuts in Oregon, they prove that America is still a land of innovation. A doughnut beer hybrid? This is an even better idea than Skittlebräu. I just wish there were someway they could have made a cigarette out of it just so I could fulfill as many vices as possible.

According to Rogue website, the suggested food pairings are “doughnuts and pork.” Plus, it made me a little homesick because that sounds like my dad’s usual meal plan. So what if heart disease runs in our family? He’d rather be happy with a low life expectancy with bacon than sad and old with any of these.

In theory, this beer sounds amazing. The bottle even looks like it comes with some free Pepto-Bismol, which is comforting. How does it taste, though? I was a little worried to try it because a lot of the reviews have been pretty harsh. They include comments like:

“Everything but the taste of this is pretty good.”

“Tastes like chlorine. With a mix of cigarette.”

“I can’t even describe how bad this was”

Despite this, I decided to soldier on for the sake of science. That and I never quit. Well, besides youth soccer, playing the flute and trying to grow a mustache.

After pouring it out, this beer really does smell like breakfast in a glass. You can detect the applewood smoked bacon, the maple syrup even a little coffee aroma. This was pretty incredible. Part of me imagines this is how the Jetsons ate breakfast. Now it was time suck it up and swallow take a sip and allow the complexities to come through.

I would say that sweetness is the overwhelming flavor. It doesn’t taste like maple syrup, but good ol’ fashioned Aunt Jemima sugary syrup (take that Mrs. Buttersworth). The smokiness hits at the end and gives you that bacon-y taste you’re looking for. The body is a little thin, but that’s not always a bad thing. All in all, I enjoyed it. Not sure if I’d like to drink the whole 750mL bottle, but it was nice for 8-10 ounces. 

The one complaint I have is that the beer lingers. Not in the taste stays on your palate kind of way, either. My hands and apartment smelled like maple and bacon for over an hour after I put the beer away. Now, if you have a romantic interest from Vermont with a pork fetish, this is awesome. I unfortunately, have a vegetarian fiancé from Southern California so this didn’t do me any good.

Bottom line: this is a unique drink worth checking out. Just be forewarned, you might want to take a shower after drinking it if you plan on hanging out with your Orthodox Jewish friends.

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