Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC 171 Edition

Well, it looks like this whole Georges St. Pierre leave of absence thing is official. barring him dropping from the rafters like WCW Sting in the late 90s, we will have a new welterweight champion for the first time since September 2006. Live from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, both Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks will vie for that distinction. Lawler will try to finish his improbable career resurgence while Johny Hendricks looks to make good on his second chance for the title. The co-main event of the night could determine their first challenger as Carlos Condit takes on Tyron Woodley.

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC 170 Edition

As the Winter Olympics wind down, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will put on an Olympic show of its own this weekend. Live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, bronze medalist and UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey defends her title against freestyle wrestling silver medalist Sara McMann.

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: Fight Night 36 Edition

The UFC returns to Brazil for Fight Night 36 this weekend. The card presents two different middleweight match-ups with title implications. The main event of the night features two world class strikers as Lyoto Machida tries to maintain the top contender buzz he earned with a devastating head kick knockout over Mark Munoz in October. Machida may be poised to fight the winner of Weidman/Belfort, but former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi has the potential to ruin those aspirations. In the co-main event of the night, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza takes on Francis Carmont and his 11 fight win streak.

For me, the Fight Night main card begins at 7:30 Pacific Standard Time. For Brazilian fans, however, that equates to 1:30 AM local time. Bearing that in mind, I went the brunch drink route. Sure you could go with the classic Bloody Mary option, but I’m usually sick of those after just one. White Russians or a Bourbon Milk Punch are also possible, but again, what wants to drink that much dairy? There are a lot of great coffee beers out there, but 1) we’ve already covered a few and 2) most of them over in the 8% and greater ABV range.

Alright, enough about what I didn’t choose. When thinking of a great brunch beer, I gravitate towards hefeweizens. A historically German ale, they are composed of at least 50% wheat in the mash. How does wheat change a beer? The gluten proteins found in wheat contribute relatively little flavor wise, but they do effect appearance and mouthfeel. They give hefeweizens their characteristic thick, lasting heads, hazy color and smooth mouthfeel.There are plenty of excellent German examples out there, but everyone seems to have their personal favorite. Mine comes from the Bavaria based Weihenstephan brewery. Fun fact, they actually lay claim to being the oldest brewery in the world! Originally controlled by Benedictine monks, Weihenstephan received its license to brew from the city of Freising in the year 1040. When you do something for nearly 1000 years, you usually get pretty good. 

Medium-light bodied, this beer delivers all the classic flavors of a true hefeweizen. A hazy, golden color the aromas bloom with all the esters and phenols typical of the style. I won’t get into a chemistry lesson here, so basically it means that it smells like banana and cloves. The taste follows the aroma in addition to some lemon citrus. Highly effervescent, if you want to pace yourself a bit longer, you can add some orange juice and create a “Man-mosa.”


Take a drink every time:

  1. Machida is called “elusive” or equivalent.
  2. Karate is mentioned.
  3. They reference Mousasi’s time in Strikeforce.
  4. Jacare does his alligator walk.
  5. The Brazilian crowd boos.

Finish your drink if:

1) A Brazilian loses.


Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC 169 Edition

The UFC is back in beautiful New Jersey this weekend for UFC 169. Unlike the Super Bowl,

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC on Fox 10 Edition

The UFC makes its annual trip to my old stomping grounds of Chicago this weekend for UFC on FOX 10.

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC on Fox 9 Edition

This weekend the UFC comes to Sacramento, California for the Team Alpha Male Invitational aka UFC on Fox 9. The main event of the night is a rematch between Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez for the flyweight title. Johnson edged out a split decision the first time they met, and a win here would essentially clear out the entire division. Joe Jitsu looks to prevent that and hopes that coach Duane Ludwig continues to work his magic. 

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: Fight Night 33 Edition

Thanks to the obscene Australian time differential, we get UFC fights on a Friday night this weekend. Fight Night 33 features a heavyweight main event between Antonio Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt. Mark Hunt looks to regain some momentum after a Junior Dos Santos spinning hook kick ruined his Cinderella story. Bigfoot also tries to return to the win column after suffering another brutal TKO loss to Cain Velasquez in May. With the fights taking place in Australia, picking Fosters

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFC 167 Edition

This weekend Georges St. Pierre takes a break from Batroc the Leaper preparations and NOS commercials to step inside the cage and defend his welterweight title against Johny Hendricks. Like every new contender, Hendricks is described as, “the most dangerous opponent [insert champion] has ever faced!” Regardless if that’s true or not, Hendricks does poise a danger with his wrestling and one punch knockout power. Since this is the first UDC with GSP on card, it seemed only natural to go with something from the renowned Quebec brewery Unibroue.

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Ultimate Drinking Championship: Fight Night 32 Edition

Nothing pairs better together than fighting and drinking, so why not combine the two? Before each UFC event, I’ll be choosing a respective adult beverage to pair with the evening.

Even though Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson have been angling for middleweight title shots, they’ll face each other in a light heavyweight contest this Saturday. Belfort has been on a hot streak as of late with knockout wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. The latter showed us that Vitor keeps his ear to the streets and busted out that that spinning shit the kids are into nowadays. Henderson has lost two in a row to Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans. Both were by split decision, but unlike Beer Pong, there are no moral victories in MMA. There may be some extenuating circumstances for their longevity, but these old timers can still hang with the young bucks. Keeping that in mind, it made sense to look to the Belgium and find a brewery that’s still competing with all the new upstarts. 

Shortly after WWII, the monks at the Trappist Monastery of St. Sixtus were looking to find someone to commercially produce their beer because they didn’t want to do it anymore (you know how monks can be). They found a farmer with a small operation 5 miles away in Watou. This same farm had once been run by the Trappist monks of the Mont de Cats monastery in neighboring France who fled their country during the anti-clericalism of the Third Republic. The monks called the farm “Refuge de Notre Dame de St. Bernard,” which was how St. Bernardus brewery earned its name. Any one of their beers are worth a try, but I chose the Abt 12.

Defined as a “Quadrupel,” you’ll pick up aromas of brown sugar, plums and figs. The taste is a whirlwind of different flavors. There’s a complex richness to the malt characteristics, but they are delivered with a level of finesse and aren’t clunky. Brûléed sugars merge with pear-like fruit that finishes with a bit of anise and warmth from the alcohol. Full bodied and 10% A.B.V., it really makes you wonder if monasteries were as rowdy as a frat house. 


Take a drink every time they:

  1. Refer to Hendo’s right hand as the “H Bomb.” 
  2. Mention how fanatic/crazy/passionate Brazilian fans are.
  3. Talk about the first time they fought each other at PRIDE 32

Ultimate Drinking Championship: UFN 30 Edition

Nothing pairs better together than fighting and drinking, so why not combine the two? Before each UFC event, I’ll be choosing a respective adult beverage to pair with the evening.

The main event for Ultimate Fight Night 30 could set the tone for future middleweight title contenders. After a controversial (albeit karmic) split decision loss to Phil Davis at UFC 163, Lyoto Machida has decided to drop down a division to, “try something new.” Originally slated to fight Michael Bisping who pulled out due to an eye injury, Mark Munoz looks to make an argument for a title shot with a win over a big name opponent. The event takes place in Manchester at the Phones 4U Arena because the Phones R Us people just couldn’t swing the sponsorship sterling. 

With UFN 30 taking place in England, it seems natural to choose a gin cocktail. A white spirit made from distilling cereal grains like barley, corn or rye, gin receives its signature flavor juniper berries and other botanicals. Created by a 16th century Dutch chemist to cleanse the blood of people suffering from kidney disorders (yup, that’s right), its popularization occurred in England when tensions with the French caused King William III to ban all liquor imports. As a result, domestic gin production and consumption heavily increased and even caused the “Gin Craze” of the 18th century. So while gin has its roots with those debaucherous Brits, it also also has a connection to “The Filipino Wrecking Machine,” Mark Munoz. Global sales of gin hover around 60 million cases a year, and half of that is consumed in the Philippines. Also, much like gin itself, people seem to either lover or hate Machida. 

With a wide variety of cocktails to choose from, I decided to choose the gin gimlet. Much like Machida, the cocktail itself is surrounded in controversy. Basically it boils down to what time of lime component you use. Originally created as a way to preserve citrus juice without alcohol, Rose’s Lime dates all the way back to 1867. So what’s the problem? The modern iteration of Rose’s Lime Juice has an ingredient list of: water, high fructose corn syrup, lime juice concentrate, sodium metabisulfite, natural flavors, Blue 1. Thus, many cocktail enthusiasts recommend substituting fresh lime juice. At face level, it seems like a great choice, but I’m in agreement with cocktail Illuminatus David Wondrich — a gimlet just isn’t the same without Rose’s. 

The Recipe

2 oz. gin (I use Bombay Sapphire, but use whatever you have handy)

1/2 oz. lime juice (althought some argue you shoud only use Rose’s lime

1/4 — 1/2 oz. simple syrup


Mix ingredients into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge if you’re feeling fancy.


Take a drink every time they: 

  1. Refer to Machida as elusive or some other synonym
  2. Mention or show Michael Bisping
  3. Every time one of the cornerman for a UK fighter says something you don’t understand.